Human Rights Work at Vadia by VSSM

Vadia now has a “pothole turned lake” to conserve rain water …..

Pothole Turned Lake at Vadia because of VSSM's Effort
Pothole Turned Lake at Vadia because of VSSM’s Effort

In the year 1963, as a measure to rehabilitate and provide alternate livelihood opportunities, the government allotted 208 acres of land to the families of Vadia (Not all land is owned by the families. Some land has been encroached from the beginning). As Vadia is a drought prone and arid region the government had also created irrigation facilities by installing two bore-wells. But the neglect in maintaining the bore-well damaged it badly and the second bore-well had became dysfunctional as a result of land slide during the 2001 earthquake. In 2008 Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch -VSSM and government together repaired it but a single bore-well proved insufficient to meet each farm’s irrigation need. We have requested the government for approving installation of another bore-well but that is going to take time.

In the mean time we decided to reduce the community’s dependence on ground water and start harvesting the rain water. Although the region receives very little rain, saving whatever water falls from the sky is wiser choice. The village does not have any lake or other traditional water conservation bodies but it does have a large pot-hole in which during monsoons the water gets accumulated. After receiving the necessary technical guidance from Shri. Rashminbhai Sanghvi, who also sowed the idea of rainwater harvesting in Vadia, we decided to go ahead and deepen the pot-hole, allow the water to get collected in it and later use the conserved water for agriculture. The work to widen and deepen the pothole has commenced. The required financial support for the works is been aided by Shri. Rameshbhai Kacholiya.

A few days back I received a phone call from the villagers saying, “Ben, the pothole looks more like a lake now, if the monsoon is good we will be able to conserve water enough to take one crop.” Such delightful news are always music to our ears…….

Pothole Turned Lake at Vadia-01
Pothole Turned Lake at Vadia because of VSSM’s Effort

In the picture.. work of deepening the pothole in progress.