Right To Education for Saraniya Community at Vadiya

CHANDRA – though his name means Moon,  he shines through like a Sun, spreading rays of hope in his Saraniya community…. A Success Story of Right To Education for Saraniya Community boy Chandra with VSSM at VAdiya.

Education for All by VSSM at Vadia for Saraniya Community
Saraniya Community boy Harsh from Vadia

The harsh realities and vagaries of life makes children of Vadia way more mature than their age. In the year we began working in Vadia life was absolutely in shatters for these community. The community here had zero access to any of the infrastructural facilities. The village school remained close most of the times. The teachers considered their transfer in Vadia as punishment posting hence hardly reported on duty. The parents were least bothered for the education of their kids. We felt that it was important to bring children out of the environment they were growing up in therefore in 2007-08 we enrolled 40 children in various residential institutes and ashram shalas across Gujarat. But most of the kids came back within few months of enrolment. The children faced discrimination  at these institutes. There were some organisations who refused to enrol these children cause they feared that Vadia kids will spoil the hostel environment.

A boy named Chandra somehow managed to stay put and continued with his elementary schooling in Yoganjali Ashram at Siddhpur while completed his  higher secondary school at Swaminarayan Gurukul in Siddhpur.  Later he went on to acquire admission in B.B.A course. After the completion of graduation he plans to pursue his PG from some reputed college. He looks forward to completing MBA and has already began preparations for the same.

Chandra has been instrumental in bringing numerous children from his village to school. The movement that began with him  is expected to fetch out  numerous children from Vadia. He has ignited the hunger amongst the Vadia children to study and do better in life.  The children today are studying with various hostels.  Chandra will be the first child from Vadia to complete graduation and we are sure he isn’t going to be the  last cause there are many following him…

We are thankful to our constant supporter Shri. Ujamshibhai Khandla of Monarch Builders for supporting Chandra’s education.